Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's not a secret any more!

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THE ALTERNATIVE: Trails for Kids Fayetteville, Tennessee
Location: About 2 miles west of downtown Fayetteville, Tennessee
Claim to Fame: The Elk River Trail, one mile of uninterrupted mountain-biking trail along the Elk River.
Maybe you haven’t heard, but it’s a good time to be a mountain biker in Fayetteville, Tennessee these days. Once a community that turned down Rails to Trails in the late 80's the town's motto, "Where tradition meets tomorrow", sounds like a Hank Junior song , now the town has some how become a cyclist dream, 6 miles of mountain bike trail with plans to add 6 more miles by 2012. The Elk River Valley has become a benchmark of urban revival and one of the most outdoor-friendly communities in the Southeast. It’s now become a haven for canoeing, trail running, birding, backpacking, road cycling, and of course, mountain biking, one of the fastest-growing movements in the region.
“Our initiative is to build 20 miles of mountain-bike trail within the Fayetteville city limits by 2012,” says Kevin Freeman, local chapter president of the Trails for Kids Association(TFKA), a nonprofit dedicated to building and maintaining mountain-bike trails for kids. “Traditionally, Fayetteville has been better known for road biking, with light traffic and great country roads. But there’s been an increasing trend toward off-road biking here because of what we’ve been building for people to ride.”
The crown jewel of Fayetteville's trail system is the Elk River Trail 3 miles in length, with a 1 mile trail along the Elk River, an extensive trail system of new single track just west of town at the Don Davidson/ Softball Sport Complex.” It’s the place that has really put us on the map as a mountain-biking destination,” Freeman says. “On any given weekend, you’re likely to see more out-of-state plates here than local ones.” About 6 miles of super sweet single track, with one mile of river front on the Elk River trail, this section, offers mountain bikers twisty pump track like single track, that most riders never get a chance to ride. For more information on this trail, check out the blog or contact Trails for Kids at

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