Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 Trails for Kids still fun place to enjoy nature

   2011 building a pump track

2009 Leopard Frog Trail Hunter, Rachael, Casey, Cody and Micah

2014 Cub scouts build new sign at trail- head               


   2010 Trails for Kids... The original "kid"
 Daddy daughter day turned into    6 miles of trails, 5 years of fun.

Then 2009 and Now 2014

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tennessee Wildside will  feature their The Trails for Kids Documentary from May, 2010.  It's in show 2607, scheduled to air in Nashville the first weekend of October. After it airs it will also be streamed from our website the fwww.tnwildside.com.
Thanks to Rickey, Chris, and the Fayetteville Parks and Recreation employees that help keep the trails open.

This is what a Pump Track can do for your park and your community!

2009-2012 Trails for Kids Maps

Tennessee Conservationalist Magazine

Tennessee Conservationalist Magazine
January/Febuary 2011... Thanks Bob and Louise!

Huntsville Times Story about Trails for Kids

Huntsville Times Story about Trails for Kids
Click on the Trails for Kids sign Audrey is holding to read the Huntsville Times Story!